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16 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi! I was traveling with the Grey rabbit bus 1980 from New york to Los Angeles. I had came from Sweden, traveling alone ,only 19 ears old. John Lennon was recently shot. I´m glad i found this page! I have some photos, and i often think about this big trip i did in your country. A lot of things happen along this journey. I remember that one girl had her dog run over and we had to take it in the luggage, and we forgot one passenger at a rest stop and had to go back and pick her up. She sat under a palm tree waiting for us. And we pick´t up hitchhikers along the way too. They had guitars and played for us. I remember a lot of things! Do you want to see the pictures and hear more?

    Margita Persson Sweden

      • Rode the Grey Rabbit back from the West Coast to NYC late July 1983. Heading home after a backpacking trip up in the Canadian Rockies. A lively group of Rajneeshpurum folks were on the bus. I remember a young girl, Ayesha. She must be around 40 now.
        We stopped at a hot springs and what I thought was called Voodyroos State Park, but can’t seem to find it on google. Great way to travel across the country. I’m sending a photo to your email.

      • I took the Graybrabbit 2 times once with my 3 children from Ny to Boulder . My Greatdane Foxey also took the ride and wheb we stiped anirher passanger would run with her it was a great time for mu children and I the second time my 4year old daughter. And I took it from Ny to ca. In 77 Becky hung out with the drivers little giirl we stoped in Wy at 10,pm and took a bath in the hot springs under the stars. We all stunk like rotten eggs but we slept like Babies

  2. My son will bring up a trip or two that we took back in the ’70’s and I can’t remember exactly the years. But one of the memories we both had was stopping at the infamous hobo pool in Wyoming. I knew Cookie well as I lived in Santa Rosa and when I needed a ride cross country we, my son, Noah and myself paid our way. It was the best.So I had a nickname, Hobie, and my son, Noah. I remember the fun, but there was a another young woman who played guitar on the trip who knew all the words to Bob Dylan’s songs. She was amazing. Looking back on those years were some of best. Making friends with complete strangers, sleeping with them and all the beautiful moments on those trips. Thank you all.

  3. Hi there Grayrabbit. I am a film maker from the UK and I have just completed a documentary about travelling in the 1970s. I interview an activist who rode on the Gray rabbit and I would love permission to use a couple of your photos. The film will be shown on PBS in February I believe. I can’t afford to pay but I can give you a credit if you so desire it or a link to your website. The prodution company is called Pilot Productions and we make GLOBETREKKER for PBS. I am happy to send you a link to the edit so you can judge the context.
    It would be much appreciated!

    • Ian
      You are welcome to use any of the pictures that I took and posted.
      I don’t have broadcast releases for anyone else that contributed to the blog, you’ll need an opinion from the PBS lawyers before broadcast.
      Call or email and I’ll identify the pics I own and you are free to use.
      I would appreciate a link to the blog and a company credit
      James Spach

  4. I am wondering what photos you are referring to and would we need permission from the people in the photos? Please send me the link you refer to in your post. Thank you

    • Hi Julie
      The only pictures that I’ll allow PBS to use are the ones that I actually took. The one’s I posted from other sources never gave permission for their work to be broadcast.
      You do not need permission from the subjects in the photos, but whoever sent me copies of their work still own those photos- they only gave me permission to post them, there was no expectation that they would be broadcast.
      If you’d like to have any of your work used just contact Ian.
      If not, please highlight anything you don’t want used.

  5. Hi Julie
    If you sned me an email I will send you the link to the dcene so you can judge for yourself. Of courdse, I am always on the lookout for other photos if you have them. But many thanks whatever for contacting me so promptly… and ion a Sunday! All the best Ian

    • Ian
      Please post link here so I don’t have to post my email. You have permission to use the photo I posted on aug 7 2014.

  6. Just came across this site. I came across as a little girl with my sister and dad back in 80 or 81. My folks were friends with the owner and drivers. We packed all our belongings on the rabbit in Maine and it took us to Sonoma California. Every time I smell exhaust I remember that trip. The bunks, the drivers taking turns at the wheel. And watching the sights out my tiny toddler eyes. Names that come to mind, Cookie, Rusty, Ricky to name a few. I wonder what happened to all of them. Rusty was a big sweet bear of a man.

    • Hi Sara, I am Rickey. Yes the bus days were very special. Cheap air tickets kind of ended the busses. Rusty is living in Maine. Cookie passed away about 8 years ago. He was living in San Mateo Ca. And work at Cal Train. Where in Maine are you from? Still in Ca?

  7. Hello my name is Carlos I am writing to you because I Would like to know if you have any lapel pins key chains or collectibles or merchandise from. The gray rabbit. Carlos Torres 1133portland place apt.222 boulder Colorado 80304

  8. I have fond memories of my trip in early autumn of 1978, coming back to New York City after a rainbow gathering in Oregon and a spate of living in the woods. I didn’t have the cash for the trip and they let me carry around a sandwich board sign in Berkeley for 3 days in exchange. As a girl traveling on my own I had a great time. I didn’t have a camera but would love to see more pictures if there are any around. Thanks for posting!

  9. December 1979 I travelled from SFO to NYC. I was an exchange student from Australia. I remember in hotsprings about midnight in the moonlight on a hilltop among the tall trees and a girl taught us an Indian chant. I also remember a guy endlessly drawing New York fire hydrants

    Peter Dann

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